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Medellín (El Poblado) · 21 sep 2018

My experiences regarding my nose surgery with doctor Diaz have been great. I was really nervous on forehand, because I never faced an intense risky surgery like this before. Doctor Diaz told me not to worry right from the start and that was how the entire process went basicly (I’m currently in my fourth week after surgery). The first step is talking about your wishes and all the questions you have regarding the surgery (the doctor speaks English, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers). A couple of days prior to surgery, you’ll need to do some tests, have some pictures taken and a couple of weeks prior to surgery you need to start to abstain yourself from sigarettes as for alcohol a couple of days before surgery. The day of the surgery you will feel hungry, because you can’t eat for 7 or 8 hours before the treatment. In the hospital you’ll meet the doctor. There he will draw the design with a marker on your nose, the nurse takes you to the operation room and before you know it you’ll be sleeping. The quality of the hospital and it’s employees is very good.

To be honest: I hated the moment I woke up after surgery. I felt dizzy, weak and beaten up. The second day already went a bit better. And with time, every day I felt a little better. I couldn’t smell anything the first couple of days, I needed to stay in the house the first weeks (to avoid sunlight) and couldn’t use alcohol for like 10 days. Up to three months after surgery you can’t do physical sports, and if you are a smoker, you can’t smoke for about 2 months. But that’s the sacrifice you need to be willing to take to enjoy your new nose for the rest of your life!

Doctor Diaz is always willing to help me with any question I have. In case you’ll fly back a couple weeks after surgery, your nose could get more swollen because of the flight. There is medicine to reduce that, you should ask the doctor for advise on forehand.

Final notes: - Make sure you have someone with you at the meetings that can help you and takes care of you (if possible), but definately when you get out of the hospital and the first couple of days after surgery; - Health care in Colombia is great, you have nothing to worry about; - Doctor Diaz is probably one of the best doctors in his profession. It felt good right from the moment I walked into his office. Therefore I definately recomment this doctor.

Thank you dr. Edgar Felipe Diaz!

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· Barranquilla (Norte-Centro Histórico)

· 24 sep 2018

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